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Welcome to Adirondack Rug Braiding

Helen Condon creates hand braided wool Adirondack rugs, baskets, wreaths and custom heirloom gifts. Built in 1863, her Parishville, NY studio functioned as a boarding house until 1923 when it was purchased by the Parishville Grange. It was then used as a meeting place and dance hall until 1963, attracting crowds from distant towns in horse-drawn wagons and sleighs for prestigious social events. After it had lain dormant for many years, Helen restored the old hall in 2001. "The Grange" is now an ideal setting for the creation of hand braided Adirondack rugs, baskets and gifts that become family heirlooms.

At the Adirondack Rug Braiding web site you can view and purchase rugs from the Adirondack Rug Series and the English Country Rug Series, request a custom rug, order hand braided baskets and wreaths, get rug braiding supplies, including a video on learning to braid your own rug, and request a quote on braided rug repair.

For more information about my hand braided wool rugs or rug braiding classes, you can contact me by: leaving me a message here or calling me at (315) 265-4722.

Please note: you can also email me at my new email address: hcondon@cnymail.com