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New Rugs

Celebrate the Adirondack region with these artisan quality hand braided rugs made from carefully selected 100% wool. Unlike storebought rugs, these beautiful rugs are designed to last for generations!

Santanoni Barns

In preparation for Robert Pruyn's visit to his beloved Santanoni, the herdsman would clean and braid the tails of his Brown Swiss Cows. Smells of sweet hay would drift from the hayloft and the pristine barns welcomed his visitors. Blue Ribbons won at local fairs, for excellence of breed, lined the whitewashed walls. The cedar shingled roofs had their own shades which differed from the soft brown of the hardy cows, a breed of choice for the harsh Adirondack winters.

The colors here represent a gentleman farmer's Santanoni, rich with history, and sad with the destruction of the restored barns in the summer of 2004.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'


Santanoni Barns Rug Price: $375

The Adirondack Rug Series

Our highly durable hand braided rugs are made from wool fabric which is ripped (to make sure it goes on the straight of the grain) and hand braided into inch wide braids. They are hand laced with four-ply polyester twine which lies between the loops to protect each rug from wear. Colorful combinations of tweeds and plaids create our signature look.

The 3 Sisters

The corn stalks provide a natural pole for the beans to climb on and the large squash leaves around the base keep the weeds down. All three depend on each other for their growth. The colors in this three circled rug remind us of this co-existence. The browns, rusts and three rows of mink fur bring the Native American Culture to our minds. Perhaps we can learn a lesson from their unique way of planting and become a strong stalk for someone in distress to lean on.

This custom rug can be made without the mink fur.




The 3 Sisters Rug
Price: $475

Blue Heron

The "Great Blue" wades in the shallow waters of the Grasse River spearing fish with its sharp bill. The sunlight plays on the ripples this solitary feeder makes on the water. Her five light blue eggs, her slate blue feathers, and the soft green river grass make up the colors in this rug, entitled Blue Heron.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'


Blue Heron Rug Price: $375

Marcy Sunset

Purple ribbons of light streak through the sky over this "highest peak." A rosy sky dwarfs the stone below and as if by magic changes the trees to gray and navy. Night suddenly falls, bringing blackness everywhere.

This beautiful sight can be enjoyed for only a few moments each evening but is captured here in this braided rug, Marcy Sunset.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

Marcy Sunset Rug Price: $375

Adirondack Camp

The traditional green deck enamel protects the porch floor from winter's harsh beating. Ship-lapped, pine boards cover the inside walls and darker brown siding camouflages this summer place.

Porch rockers, wool army blankets, a crock of geraniums and a wooden screen door invite guests to "sit a spell."

Memories of long summer days and chilly nights spent around the wood stove are recalled in this braided rug, entitled Adirondack Camp.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

Adirondack Camp RugPrice: $375

October Forest

The musky elderberries and the tart fox grapes have been picked and made into jelly. The first frosts have killed off any harvest left in the gardens and the pumpkins lie among the dead leaves awaiting Halloween.

Now the days are short and darkness comes early to the Adirondack Forest. Hemlock and Pine throw shadows on the beech trees washing them with darker gray. A partially melted first snow lies in patches on the forest floor. A sugar maple tenaciously holds onto one branch of orange leaves and under it swoops a barred owl looking for its prey.

The burgundy wood ivy, the green moss, and the darker princess pine form a mosaic of color in the deep woods.

These colors are all represented in your rug, entitled October Forest.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

October Forest Price: $375

August Wildflowers

Sunlight dances on the yellow faces of the tall Common Mullein. The fields are alive with the button heads of the Tansy and the shaggy Goldenrod. The flat blue flower of the Chicory hides its head against the dark green stems. The orange Hawkweed is dwarfed by the rest, but its bright color sings out, "See me!" to the traveler of these Adirondack side roads.

This dazzling array of color is hidden away in our minds so that when winter comes and we see the tall brown heads of the Mullein over the snow we recall the color of August Wildflowers.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

August Wildflowers Price: $375

The Creamery

Turquoise-blue, granite-ware bowls of raw milk sit in the creamery waiting for the rich cream to be skimmed off. Butter molds with their maple leaf inserts lay beside the cream pails

A basket of brown eggs taken from buff colored hens will soon become sugar cookies. Early farming days in the foothills of the Adirondacks are represented here by salmon, rust, beige, and blue in The Creamery.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

The Creamery Rug Price: $375

The Sunflower

“An ancient species of sunflower, the garden variety, first cultivated in the American Southwest, turns its heavy head toward the Adirondack sun. And as they have for centuries, the goldfinches patiently wait for the ripening seeds filled with their beneficial oil. Per-chick-o-ree, per-chick-o-ree, the sounds fill the fall air.”

The tweedy center of this unique rug is surrounded by yellow, gold, browns, and forest greens. The green ties, which represent the raggedy edges of the flower heads, can be removed without jeopardizing the integrity of the last row. This rug is designed to be used on a floor but can be hung on the wall to brighten a wall in your Adirondack home.

Dimensions: Approximately thirty inches across.

Every rug is unique and although Helen uses the same pattern, the wool tweeds and plaids vary, producing a one of a kind rug.


The Sunflower Price: $275

The English Country Rug Series

Paisley Shawl

A piano robe of rich colors protects the ancient wood of the family piano. Days of the unused parlor with its musty smells and undrawn drapes flood our memories. Victorian fringe & intricate patterns in red, orange, green, light blue, black, and white remind us of Aunts and Uncles "Come to visit," of "children should be seen and not heard" days, and breathing in the richness of it all. How these sophisticated colors melt in harmony is a well guarded secret, but blend they do to form an English Country Rug of unsurpassed beauty, Paisley Shawl.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

Paisley Shawl Rug Price: $375

Salmon Crepe

A glimpse of salmon crepe flowing softly and a hand outstretched for a kiss; this is but a fleeting vision represented here with subtle colors of gray, green, pink, salmon, and white. Memories of a baby´s breath and St. Charles rose bouquet bring sweet scents of yesterday from our dreams. The soft satin ribbon can almost be felt and the whispers of lovers in the coach can almost be heard in this phantom illustration of Salmon Crepe.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

Salmon Crepe Rug Price: $375

Tiffany Dragonfly

The Art Nouveau style of Louis Tiffany is represented here in Tiffany Dragonfly. The iridescent color of his opalescent glass captures nature's splash on the dragonfly's wings. What better creature from the winds can we try to simulate? The black bodies striped with green and yellow, the intriguing names; devil's darning needle and snake doctor, conjure visions of skull duggery. Rows of bright blue, green, and gold try vainly to capture the colors of this insect. But Just as Tiffany used and electric light through glass we use rows of bright woven thread. The secrets of nature escape us all.

Dimensions: 2½' x 4½'

Tiffany Dragonfly Price: $375

In addition to viewing and purchasing rugs from the Adirondack Rug Series and the English Country Rug Series above you can order hand braided baskets and wreaths, and get rug braiding supplies including a video on learning to braid your own rug.

For more information about hand braided wool rugs or rug braiding classes contact Helen at 315-265-4722.