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Meet Helen Condon
Senator Hillary Clinton admires an Adirondack Rug

Senator Hillary Clinton Admires Helen's Work

How I Make Custom Rugs

I braid custom rugs that combine all new or nearly new wool with garments. One rug, which made a five year trip to museums around New York State, was named "One Ugly Skirt" and included a pink, turquoise, and white skirt from the 60's. It now sits in Key West in a living room enhancing the furniture at the southernmost end of the continent.

A custom rug I completed was given to Ann Huntley from Crary Mills, NY by her children and husband. The grandchildren ripped some of the wool which was included from a large piece used by their mother for a blazer and skirt (below).

Planning Your Custom Rug

Hand-laced and braided, wool rugs can be made to fit your personal needs. This is my suggestion: Measure the exact space you want a rug. Whether it's round or oval depends on your taste and the space you're trying to cover. Measure by placing newspaper down on the floor (tape the pieces together with masking tape to keep it in place) and then cut the paper with scissors to fit your chosen space. Measure four inches from the legs of furniture, such as couches and chairs. This keeps the design of your room symmetrical and doesn't detract from the furniture you've chosen. If you want a rug for under a dining room table, or any table with chairs, make sure you plan on a rug large enough to accommodate chairs when they are being pulled out so that the back legs don't snag on the outside row of the rug making it awkward to pull in the chairs after sitting down. But, don't make it so large that the table looks dwarfed when the chairs are pushed under it. Then measure the pattern you made. If it reads 4' 7" X 9' 8" then don't try and round the numbers up or down. That is the size you need and that exact size (within an inch or so) can be made.

Children enjoy a new custom rug

Children enjoy their new custom rug

Custom Stair Treads

If you are interested in stair treads measure the steps in the same manner. Lay your newspaper on one step and cut it ½ inch from the front edge of the step to the riser. If your stairs are narrow, as in the houses of the 1700’s, the treads used should be wider (all the way across the step from side to side). This longer stair tread gives a feeling of wider steps and makes them more easily managed. On wider stairs the conventional tread is four inches from each end. A larger round tread (small rug) can be made in the same colors for a square landing. This small “landing rug” can be color coordinated to match oriental runners or hand woven runners that are placed on the steps.

Choosing Colors

In choosing the colors for your rug feel free to call Helen at (315) 265-4722 and she will help you plan a personal design. She uses samples of your upholstery fabric, wallpaper, paint, stencils, or rugs already in place. She also will send you samples of the fabric she will use and you can add or reject any color you think will not work.

The cost for custom rugs is $45.00 per square foot. Measure exactly and choose your colors carefully. You will have an heirloom quality rug that you will enjoy and that will last over fifty years. The wool fabric is braided and hand laced. The rugs are reversible.

Helen Condon creates hand braided wool Adirondack rugs, baskets, wreaths and custom heirloom gifts. If you are interested in a custom rug, contact her today! In addition to custom rugs you can view and purchase rugs from the Adirondack Rug Series and the English Country Rug Series, order hand braided baskets and wreaths online, and get rug braiding supplies including a video on learning to braid your own rug.

For more information about hand braided wool rugs or rug braiding classes contact Helen at (315} 265-4722.