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Rug Braiding Supplies

Instruction Video or DVD: How To Make the Oval Rug

This two hour video shows Helen making oval, round, and rectangle rugs and will assist you in making your own heirlooms. She also explains hands on how to form round or oval baskets. These have two different handles; the larger ones have two small handles on the ends and the smaller ones have one long handle. Follow along with her in "The Grange Studio" through all the steps of braided rug making and have fun doing so.

Instructional Video
Price: $25.00

Rug Braiding Instruction Booklet

This eight page Oval Rug Braiding Instruction booklet was written to accompany a kit for an oval rug. It gives you step by step instructions on making the oval rug from the start to the tail at the end. If you are interested in the kit to make one of the rugs pictured under RUGS on the home page, pick the rug of your choice, and contact us to have one made up for you. The kit consists of the strips of wool with row markers telling you which rows to use which colors, the lacing twine, needle, clamp, and the instruction booklet. The price of this kit is $175.

Instruction Book
Price: $1.00

Wool Rug Lacing Needle

This blunt needle has two holes for receiving the waxed lacing twine. It is made by the Braid-Aid Company and sold to you for use with the waxed twine. Using this blunt needle, you can lace between the loops without piercing the fabric.

Lacing Needle
Price: $5.00

Wool Rug Lacing Twine

The twine is waxed four-ply polyester and comes in an 4 ounce spool. One spool will be enough to complete a 4'x6' rug.

Rug Braiding Twine
Price: $10.00

Twine Holder

Wooden twine holder that holds the rug lacing twine so that the roll doesn't get lost among the fabric pieces in your work space. The spool of twine fits over a wooden post, and a small steel peg removes excess wax from the lacing needle's eye.

Needles & Twine not included.

Twine Holder
Price: $15.00

Wooden Clamp

After much thought, and lots of money for engineers to design a clamp that holds the braid but is also affordable, I came up with this simple design. The metal C-clamp that holds it to the work table is not included, but you can purchase one at your hardware store. They come with different sized openings, so measure the top of your work table and add the 3/4 inch of the wooden base. A 3 inch opening is usually wide enough. Clamp the wooden base to the table with the clothespin facing left and place your braid into the teeth of the clothespin.

Wooden Rug Braiding Clamp
Price: $15.00

Rug Underlay

Guaranteed for 20 years. Protects your braided rug by cushioning and gripping. Easily cut with household scissors and cleans with a damp sponge. Made in Germany by WunderGRIP.

Dimensions: 3'x5'


Rug Underlay
Price: $25.00

In addition to ordering the rug braiding supplies and video above, you can view and purchase rugs from the Adirondack Rug Series and the English Country Rug Series, request a custom rug, and order hand braided baskets and wreaths online

For more information about the hand-braided wool rugs or rug braiding classes contact Helen at (315) 265-4722.