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The English Country Rug Series

Hand Braided Baskets

Adirondack themed baskets and wreaths by master artisan, Helen Condon. Hand braided baskets and wreaths to please anyone who loves the Adirondack region.

Handmade, braided, wool baskets are laced with four-ply, waxed, polyester twine for durability. All baskets, except the baby carrier, have round bottoms. Decorator ties may be removed without jeopardizing the integrity of the baskets and when removed you can turn the basket inside out.

To Grandmother’s House

Red, forest green, white and many tweeds and plaids: this Christmas Basket features the soft tinkle of bells which are hidden under the wool ties. Plaids enhance the rich green and red of Christmas.

Dimensions: Approximately 7” x 16”

To Grandmother’s House Basket Price: $195
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Christmas Nest

This little nest comes with a note that says, "Health and happiness shall come to Thee should Thee find a nest in Thy Christmas Tree."

The braided wool nest comes with realistic eggs and is hand-made using organic, brown, tweed wool. Hide it in your Christmas Tree and let the children (or adults) search for it. It will be good year after year and will bring a new tradition into your holiday season.

Dimensions: 4” x 2”

Christmas NestPrice: $15
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Carry Me Home

Pastel turquoise, salmon, cream, beige, and off white are the colors included in this baby carrier. The bottom is oval and handles which are an integral part of the basket provide a safe, warm place for a newborn. As the child grows up, the basket can be used for toys or clothes in his or her room.

Dimensions: Approximately 8” x 18”

Carry Me Home Basket Price: $225
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Herb Gatherer

Shades of brown, beige, green, off white and cream are represented in this harvest basket. Great for gathering herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, rose hips, and borage. Great also for knitting or sewing projects.

Dimensions: Approximately 7” x 16”

Herb Gatherer Price: $195
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Charlie’s Toys

Shown in September ’89 issue of Country Living Magazine this basket comes in shades of blue, gray, bits of wine and red. It is a great basket for toys. We have found it good for magazines, kindling wood, yarn, quilt pieces, and braided wool supplies.

Dimensions: Approximately 7” x 16”

Charlie’s Toys Price: $195
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Hunter´s Pride

This basket is braided with wool strips of fabric in fall colors. The texture is enhanced with white-tailed deer antlers, turkey feathers, and animal fiber. Discarded mink coats are cut into two inch wide strips and braided into two rows with the wool. The antlers and feathers can be removed without disturbing the integrity of the basket. Great for holding magazines or kindling wood in your Adirondack living room.

Dimensions: 7" x 16' Approximately

Hunter´s Pride Braided Wool Basket Price: $250
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Egg Basket

This versatile basket comes in your personal choice of colors. Call to personalize your order. Approximately 9 inches across and 4 inches high without the handle, it holds a dozen eggs.

Dimensions: Approximately 9” x 4”

Egg Basket Price: $95
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Kid´s Crayons

The primary colors of red, blue and yellow are braided together to form this little basket just right for a small pack of crayons. Crayons not included.

Dimensions: Approximately 6” x 4”

Kid’s Crayons Price: $30
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Hand-Braided Wreaths

Patriotic Doorknob Wreaths

The red, white, and blue 4"x8" door knob wreath shows the world that our hearts are on our sleeves caring for our veterans. They will not be forgotten. 30% of the profits from the purchase of these wreaths will be given to the local Parishville chapter of the Am Vets to assist them in their support of our veterans.

Dimensions: 4" x 8"

Weight: 2 oz

Doorknob Wreaths Price: $6.95
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Doorknob Wreaths

This pink and white door knob wreath can hang on a cupboard door, a wall or on a door knob. 30% of the profits from every purchase will go to benefit the St. Lawrence Valley Hospice Association for their work in caring for cancer patients

Dimensions: 4" x 8"

Weight: 2 oz

Doorknob WreathsPrice: $6.95
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In addition to ordering the hand braided baskets and wreaths above, you can view and purchase rugs from the Adirondack Rug Series and the English Country Rug Series, order hand braided baskets and wreaths online, and get rug braiding supplies including a video on learning to braid your own rug.

For more information about the hand-braided wool rugs or rug braiding classes contact Helen at (315) 265-4722.